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Hope, it will be better, than 2014. xD

So 2K15, here we freaking come! >:]

PS: I'm out of ideas for now (I don't have mood for creating HNY15 themed picture)... But I hope for being better at 3D creation (rendering, modelling from scratch) as well as manga drawing (I don't post so much, but it happens). /pwn3d
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- L. O. V. E. - by Rolneeq
- L. O. V. E. -
Love at Christmas. /pwn3d

This is probably the only couple of all MMD OCs for now, well I had another one, but it's outdated... well.

I'm not a romantic and I almost never do couple pictures, but this happened. I prefer to make more dynamic pictures like extreme sports. /pwn3d

Picture edited with GIMP 2.8

- Mary & Ray © me
- Christmas morning stage by SachiShirakawa

- o_SSAO
- o_Diffusion, maybe?
- G_Shader
- Greener_Shader
(X-mas gift) Mary 1.1 and Ray 1.0 - DL by Rolneeq
(X-mas gift) Mary 1.1 and Ray 1.0 - DL
Download on right. Merry Christmas Everyone & Happy Holidays. I really hardly ever release models, so here they are. xP

PS: Please, don't say: "dl" or "downloaded"... Maybe you can say something else, but not just "dl"...

Time for biographies about these two. xP

Mary (right):

Name: Mary
Age: about 20
Info: She's quite outgoing, sometimes likes to say something stupid like, when solving crossword puzzle "2x2+1... OMG I have too few fingers to count it /trolololoshot", vegetarian (she doesn't like meat), when outside - she walks together with Ray (her boyfriend) frequently /mostlycopiedfromolddownloadpwn3dsh0t
Status: taken

Ray (left):

Name: Raymond (his full name, most friends call him Ray)
Age: around 22
Info: often hangs out with his girlfriend - Mary, sometimes he likes to ride by bicycle or jog, likes comedies and action movies, he's good at football, yet bad at swimming (he never went to swimming pool yet), also he is good at cooking... and backtrolling teasers (that very rarely happens) /pwn3d
Status: taken

Well, the picture isn't the best (made quite fast), but I wanted just to show you, how these models look before DL. Also, I'm sh*t at writing biographies.

- Edit: I have doubts, but better please don't edit, at least for now
- Distribution: same as edit, just link back
- Commercial use: definitely not allowed
- R-18: definitely not allowed
- Credit: really, it's a must do
- OOC: not allowed

Be warned: Both Ray's models have over 6MB - and PMX format due to exceeded vertice limit (cause of hair, there are no invisible verts), but works fine.

Parts used:

- Mary:

· base model (not included in this pack)

• Kio Coro vs. Kio Rin Y feat. my own eyelashes combo face by me
• Hair customized mostly from NJXA hairpack converted by Y0K0NI this:… + my piece of hair back (not ponytail) (kurde, about 25-30 layers)
• Hair .spa and piercing by TehPuroisen
• Eye texture by Xoriu, edited by me
• Hair texture by me
• Hair band from Redstone swimsuit edit from Kio's MEIKO
• 2 blushes + 2 shadows (black & purple) ripped from my Kio combo head and textured by me
• 3rd blush from some Masisi model, I can't remember, though
• Redstone Shiru swimsuit base ultimate hard edit by me
• RGBY wavy bracelet by me (modelled in Blender)

· outfits

— hoodie model

• Hoodie made by me, except hood, which was taken from 66 Yuma edit by SkinnyMandria
• Jeans by me (modelled in Meta)
• Socks made from feet by me
• Shoes converted from 3DCG by me
• Hoodie design (X vs O) popped in my head, while looking on Google Images "best t-shirt design" - redrawn by me

— outfit 2 (far right)

• Top by SuminoChan, edited by me
• Skirt from dress by me, taken from Issy v4
• Shoes by nyantarox
• Leggings made from bottom body

Almost all parts (except outfit 2) are taken from older version and basically... it's a rework - also most credits above were copied from older mod

- Ray:

· base (not included)

• Kio Neru vs Kio KAITO combo edit by me + blushes and shadow, also by me
• Hair made by me, I mean created from NJXA hair parts converted by me
• Eye and hair texture by me
• Hair .spa by TehPuroisen
• Wristwatch by Murasaki-no-kimi

· outfits

— T-shirt

• Jeans and T-shirt from Daiki by Mahiro, fitted by me (I can't remember, where I got that PWN3D text, because it was forever ago /pwnt)
• Shoes taken from Mary, texture edited by me
• Socks done from feet

— hoodie

• Same parts as T-shirt one listed above
• Sleeves taken from male shirt by Stylc
• Hood taken from Mary's hoodie, which has hood from Roro (66) Yuma edit by SkinnyMandria

Wow, looong list /pwn3d

Picture straightly rendered from MMD, no graphics editor used

Mary & Ray © me

- o_Diffusion
An OC guy in progress... by Rolneeq
An OC guy in progress...
Hmmm... I'm considering about... How about releasing him as a gift alongside with Mary, I update(d)? I don't know when, if I can't finish him today, maybe few days later? /pwn3d

His hair looks finished, but is not... some back hair parts need to be added... And... his name is Ray. His hair is so high poly, that his model bypassed PMD vertice limit, so I needed to reconvert to PMX (guess, I don't want to recreate hair for now, but he has no invisible vertices). :icony-u-noplz:

Credits will be listed when I finish him.

PS: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! Hope, you're having really great time! :D :iconmerrychristmasplz::iconchristmastreeplz::iconx-masplz::iconchristmastimeplz:
- I S S Y - by Rolneeq
- I S S Y -
On the left pic: I55Y! Y U NO W34R FREAK3N L3GG1NGZ! :icony-u-noplz: /pwn3d

I'd like to make other versions of that crazy OC, but not now (I probably don't have to repeat reasons), I wonder, if I make another version like hoodie one... but I probably have to update other OCs like Trent dat freaken trololol troll

She looks better than previous version, especially dat hair texture, ME GUSTA. It's to me almost always like that, when I update some OC and one looks better...

Well, I don't know what else to say... /PWN3T

Parts used for Issy:
- Kio Rin vs. Coro feat. my own lashes combo edit by me (with blushes and fear shadow by me)
- 3DCG (mostly NJXA) hair converted and very heavily edited by me (on left pic hairtie pwn3d from Tehrainbowllama's ponytailed blonde hair)
- Eye file by me
- Hair .spa by TehPuroisen
- Piercing mark under her lip ripped from version 3 (from fall 2012) - made in Meta by me - Piercing mark
- Base taken from Sara v4 - edited by me - made from Redstone swimsuit GDGD Shiru edit from Kio model + bra converted by amiamy111 with texture by DasChui, taken from one of the female bases edited by DasChui - see one of Issy's base versions: Issy - base version
- Mini dress made in Blender by me
- That thick bracelet with star made in Meta by me (forever ago /shot), but other bracelets were ripped from older version, but they are actually edits from the ones made by TehPuroisen - Geometric Bracelet -DL- from those bracelets
- Shoes made by nyantarox, edited by me
- Leggings (right), edited from bottom body part

Picture edited with GIMP 2.8

Issy © me
Town (left) by NegiyakiP
Skydome (left) by seasalt
3DCG room stage (right) converted by MMD3DCGParts

- p_SubduedLight
- p_Burgundy
- NCHLShader
- BeamMan DOF
- o_DLAA
- G_Shader
- p_FireRed
- p_Burgundy

EDIT: I wrote shader credits vice versa. My bad. Fixed now. xP


Addiqted to Hardstyle. >:]
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Name: iwonttellyoumyrealname
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Likes: Hardstyle music, HardWithStyle, MMD, Q-Dance, extreme sports, Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011 (game PC), riding on bike (if weather is good), jumpstyle (rarely)
Dislikes: very kawaii art or music, school (not very much), crappy recolours of original models, singing


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