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- I S S Y - by Rolneeq
- I S S Y -
On the left pic: I55Y! Y U NO W34R FREAK3N L3GG1NGZ! :icony-u-noplz: /pwn3d

I'd like to make other versions of that crazy OC, but not now (I probably don't have to repeat reasons), I wonder, if I make another version like hoodie one... but I probably have to update other OCs like Trent dat freaken trololol troll

She looks better than previous version, especially dat hair texture, ME GUSTA. It's to me almost always like that, when I update some OC and one looks better...

Well, I don't know what else to say... /PWN3T

Parts used for Issy:
- Kio Rin vs. Coro feat. my own lashes combo edit by me (with blushes and fear shadow by me)
- 3DCG (mostly NJXA) hair converted and very heavily edited by me (on left pic hairtie pwn3d from Tehrainbowllama's ponytailed blonde hair)
- Eye file by me
- Hair .spa by TehPuroisen
- Piercing mark under her lip ripped from version 3 (from fall 2012) - made in Meta by me - Piercing mark
- Base taken from Sara v4 - edited by me - made from Redstone swimsuit GDGD Shiru edit from Kio model + bra converted by amiamy111 with texture by DasChui, taken from one of the female bases edited by DasChui - see one of Issy's base versions: Issy - base version
- Mini dress made in Blender by me
- That thick bracelet with star made in Meta by me (forever ago /shot), but other bracelets were ripped from older version, but they are actually edits from the ones made by TehPuroisen - Geometric Bracelet -DL- from those bracelets
- Shoes made by nyantarox, edited by me
- Leggings (right), edited from bottom body part

Picture edited with GIMP 2.8

Issy © me
Town (left) by NegiyakiP
Skydome (left) by seasalt
3DCG room stage (right) converted by MMD3DCGParts

- p_SubduedLight
- p_Burgundy
- NCHLShader
- BeamMan DOF
- o_DLAA
- G_Shader
- p_FireRed
- p_Burgundy

EDIT: I wrote shader credits vice versa. My bad. Fixed now. xP
Some1 getz an update /pwn3d by Rolneeq
Some1 getz an update /pwn3d
It's Issy, but yea, looks very different than previous version of her. /pwn3d

Now I have hair in progress... just rigging and physics tweaking for now (I mean tweaking, and rigging left, pardon my bad English), then maybe ponytail version + some clothes. I don't think I'll finish now, because of school, holy freaken sh*t.

Credits will be listed, when I finish her.

MME I used is just GreenerShader_ES
''...let me take a selfie'' by Rolneeq
''...let me take a selfie''
"NO, GOD! PLEASE NO! NOOO! :iconffplz:"

Song, I've based on:… - that hard and amazing bootleg of song I don't really like. /PWN3D xD

I was, well... bored, so I made that random pic. xD :iconboardplz:

Picture, or actually 2 pictures joined to one, were edited with GIMP 2.8

Jasmine & Trent Trackerson © me
City by SkyBlue
Anime skydome by seasalt
micPhone5 (iPhone5) by log-tarou, little edit by me

GreenerShader ES 1.11
Kio combined female face + download - UPDATE 1.2 - by Rolneeq
Kio combined female face + download - UPDATE 1.2 -
DL on right

If you want to have latest version of this part, you need to redownload it (if you want, I say). xD

After above a month of my MMD absence, due to school, I decided to do sth... Well... to upload female faces mash-up, cause I have uploaded male ones, but no female face. XD

Sorry for no blushes or face shadow, but there are many facials included though. xD Now they have blushes, see le changelog, what has been modified. /PWN3D

On the preview, there's one same head used four times (before updating it I used 3 times). /PWN3D

Face is mastered and all possible glitches I found are fixed, but if you find a bug, tell me and I'll try to fix it, if possible.



- update to version 1.2:
    · added 3 blushes and shadow - version 1.0 didn't have them
    · made a nose bit smaller

Parts used:
- Kio GDGD Takene Coro - upper part edited by me
- Kio Rin ver. Y - lower part edited by me
- Eyelashes made in Metasequoia (some months ago /shot)
- Blushes by moi aka me (made in AzPainter & Blender 3D) /PWN3D - you can take them if you want xD

- You can edit as you want
- Redistribute on a model
- Credit Kio and me if you use
- Don't claim as your own

Njoy. xD
Some dude's drawing by Rolneeq
Some dude's drawing
Looks like Kurt, but he isn't. Kurt has hair combed to the other side. /PWN3D

Decided to upload something different than just MMD. I'm not so good at painting, but I tried my best. Took me about 4h to make this (I usually don't count hours, but this time I did). XD

Software used:
- AzDrawing - inking
- GIMP 2.8 - colouring and final tweaking
- AzPainter - shading and everything else
- OS: SolydK GNU/Linux 64bit (Debian based, with KDE desktop)
- Tablet - Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen&Touch CTH-470S

Some guy © me


Addiqted to Hardstyle. >:]
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Name: iwonttellyoumyrealname
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Likes: Hardstyle music, HardWithStyle, MMD, Q-Dance, extreme sports, Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011 (game PC), riding on bike (if weather is good), jumpstyle (rarely)
Dislikes: very kawaii art or music, school (not very much), crappy recolours of original models, singing


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